Many eons into the future, everything that could have happened to earth, did… obsessively. Nuclear war, aliens, earth shattering eruptions, meteorites… your name it, it happened (hell, even Twinkies came to life). Mankind has disappeared: part took to the heavens and left looking for an healthy planet to live and the others simply died out or “evolved”.
In its place strange races and beasts rose to the ranks of “intelligent beings” and populated what remained of Mutha Oith, as the earth is now called. You are one of those creatures and today you have tickets to a puppet show where the secrets of the earth start to unfold before you.

I’m looking for 3 to 4 daring citizens of Mutha Oith willing to save the world from yet another disaster (or cause it themselves). I will running a Low Life setting game filled with wackiness in a world where common sense isn’t thrown out the window for the simple reason that no one could be bothered to look for it, and the world as you know it is nowhere to be found – She said she was going to get cigarettes for the kids, but She never came back.

Quest for the Primordial Soup Kitchen